Best-Matchmaking's Price List

Best-Matchmaking only has one price listed on its Pricing page. Therefore these prices are collected from client experiences and bits of information scattered elsewhere on the website. Needless to say, this price list information is supplied without liability.

The prices below are charged to male clients. Female clients probably get Best-Matchmaking's service free of charge.

Matchmaking program800 to 4500 EURcalculation based on the commission Best-Matchmaking pays to affiliate partners
Romance tour1800 to 2100 EURThe minimum price is stated on the Romance Tours page. The maximum is calculated based on the commission Best-Matchmaking pays to affiliate partners
Minimum commission to meet a lady1300 EUR my own experience
Contact information of a lady650 EURclient report
Regular membership fee199 EUR per month my own experience, client report, Best-Matchmaking's Pricing page. Best-Matchmaking is currently promoting a 115 EUR monthly membership fee. However, the click button on the pricing page still reads 199 EUR.
Video chat, 1 hour99 EURBest-Matchmaking's Videochat page
Interpreter service30 EUR per hour my own experience
Commission fee to Best-Matchmaking for paying by MoneyGram25 EUR my own experience

Several clients told me you can bargain to get a better price. I made this experience myself. Sometimes Best-Matchmaking also offers discounts. On this price list however, I list regular prices only.

Best-Matchmaking reportedly changes prices frequently. It even looks like, Kate, the owner of Best-Matchmaking sets prices quite freely. And even if you read a price on Best-Matchmaking's website or agree on a price in negotiation, be warned: Kate might not stick on it. Finally you might pay more. I experienced this twice. Also paying your bill might not result in the service you expected. Read my frauds report to find out what might come next.

Do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment in the chatroom if you want to share how much Best-Matchmaking asked you to pay.

Cheap or expensive?

There are two answers to this question. For real matchmaking, for finding your second half, these prices very low, too low to be true. For an online dating service, they are far too high.

Unfortunately, clients who actually booked Best-Matchmaking's Matchmaking service reported no matchmaking done by the agency. If at all, the agency made very superficial efforts to find the one to match the matchmaking client. To search for two people matching, the agency at least need to know the client and his/her expectations. Clients reported such survey has not been done before dates were suggested.

Best-Matchmaking's Matchmaking service turns out to be not much more than filter functions other online dating sites include in their online dating platform, often for free. For this reason, I consider very Best-Matchmaking expensive.

Latest update: May 1st, 2021