I know about [the open] boundaries. But I am on my own land and under no circumstances will I leave it. I help in the hospital. It is very scary to look at young men who are ready to give their lives for the sake of their homeland. It's very, very scary. But I am needed here.
15th of March 2022: Message from the lady I got to know by Best-Matchmaking.com in Ukraine in 2020.

Welcome to Best-Matchmaking.org - the Review Site for Best-Matchmaking.com

This website is made to shed light on the shady backsides of Best-Matchmaking's business practices. Here you find clients' experiences which Best-Matchmaking.com does not to tell.

Based on my own experience travelling to the Ukraine to meet a woman from the Best-Matchmaking.com agency, and based on the feedback of dozens of clients, here I publish what you can expect from Best-Matchmaking.com.

It is a so called soft scam. There are real men and women behind the profiles, but the agency has no intention to match you to become a couple but tries to keep you uncertain as long as possible. This way the agency gets most money out of you.

And later, when a client finds out about the trickery, the situation is confusing. Often it is not clear who has played which role in these made up games. The agency can easily blame others for it (the one you have dated, the interpreter, the local partner agency or even your own bad behaviour). Smoke screens are a genuine part of this game. The fish starts rotting from the head though.

Be welcome to also share your own experience with me and others.

I wish you have a better experience to tell. It is not impossible to find love even under these conditions. However, I have not got hold a single person yet, who found into marriage or a stable relationship through Best-Matchmaking.

With this website, I hope, potential and current clients of Best-Matchmaking can avoid the mistakes and loses of money, time and nerves, which I and many others have faced already.

Felix Berlin