Best-Matchmaking's Flaws

This page reveals some flaws in Best-Matchmaking's fraudulent business. You can find out about these flaws by checking the website and the internet yourself. Don't believe me. Find out yourself.

Pay Per Letter

Already on the cover site of, the agency advertises its services by "No Pay Per Letter program". On the blog post Mail order marriage statistics and facts, Kate, the CEO of Best-Matchmaking writes under the cross heading Choose only reputable mail order bride services:

"Your success depends not only on you and your woman but also on the service you choose as an intermediary.
So before joining any site or sending an application to your local company, you should think twice about who you are going to work with and double-check all the information about it. For example: Testimonial page or Plans ans Pricing (shouldn't be Pay Per letter)"

(my emphasis)

The links all refer to Best-Matchmaking's own sites, of course. I have allowed myself to change them to my testimony and my price list on Best-Matchmaking though. :-)

Despite Best-Matchmaking's clear statements against the Pay Per Letter model, just a year ago, Best-Matchmaking itself still let their clients pay per letter. You can still find this on the internet archive WaybackMachine.

Best-Matchmaking says, such agencies very likely just look for your money. You would not know, who writes to you. However, this agency quite recently did the same. Now you have to pay monthly. Do you now know, who writes the letters to you? Quite likely, Best-Matchmaking is more involved than you would like.

It is somehow similar to the "Mail Order Bride" flaw. Best-Matchmaking does not explain why it would be good or bad. Best-Matchmaking just uses the issue to let you think their offer is better than others. In fact, Best-Matchmaking's service behind the payment scheme has not changed from last year. Best-Matchmaking would for sure announce it. It is actually a part of Best-Matchmaking's smoke screen strategy to talk around a critical issue again and again. This way, clients might think: They talk so much about it, they must know how to deal with it. These clients will not understand. But they will believe Best-Matchmaking would manage. These clients are ready for the honey trap.

More brides than women

A little down on the cover page, says they have "50 new women profiles daily" and "Helping 200 single Western men find a bride each month".

Just observe the website's Gallery page for some days. You will find far less new profiles every day. If you do not want to wait so long, you can also check the internet archive WaybackMachine.

There are not even enough women to make 200 brides per month. For your individual success, the number of women on the site is actually not so important. It just shows how unreliable Best-Matchmaking's statements are. Furthermore, on another page (German language), Best-Matchmaking talks about 356 matches in 10 years:

Screenshot of Best-Matchmaking's website: 356 Männer Aus 37 Ländern der Welt haben die richtige Frau mit unserer Hilfe gefunden (English: 356 men from 37 countries around the world found the right wife with our help)
Screenshot from one of Best-Matchmaking's German-reading web pages. The text on the second picture (from left) translates to English: 356 men from 37 countries around the world found the right wife with our help Click for the full size screenshot.

Trustpilot has kicked Best-Matchmaking of their review site

I analysed the Best-Matchmaking's reviews on Trustpilot and found several flaws. Very likely many of the 5 star reviews there where fabricated. After I reported the flaws, Trustpilot kicked Best-Matchmaking off their site:

Screenshot from after Trustpilot banned Best-Matchmaking from their site: This company profile can’t be accessed / This profile is considered a bad fit for Trustpilot, so you can no longer review it. Any past reviews of this company are no longer visible on Trustpilot. Read more (link)
Screenshot from Screenshot from after Trustpilot banned Best-Matchmaking from their site. Click for the full size screenshot.

On the link "Read more", Trustpilot explains what they consider a "bad fit" (see caption Bad-Fit Businesses):

A bad-fit business can cause or create harm, and they don’t share our values and core beliefs; it’s for these reasons that we simply don’t want them on Trustpilot.

No price list

Best-Matchmaking actually recommends costumers to check the price list of dating platforms / marriage agencies. However, the agency does not list their own prices. Therefore, I have listed some of Best-Matchmaking's prices.

It is part of Best-Matchmaking's smoke screen policy. This way, they can actually charge you by surprise.

Unsolicited letters

Best-Matchmaking heavily states there would be no unsolicited letters from women sent to men. This is not true. Register at the page and you will receive unsolicited letters. However, be warned: You cannot delete your profile yourself. Instead you will have to contact Best-Matchmaking's help desk and ask them to do that. Also, do not hold me responsible for any disappointment with Best-Matchmaking! Such an account testing is only for those who knows, what they are doing.

If you do not get enough letters, get verified. But you will receive letters from women you have not contacted before. Check these letters for authenticity. Mass letters of interest do not refer to your profile information by any details. Many letters of interest are actually sent out to many male clients with identical wording.

Best-Matchmaking promises unrealistic high success rates

Best-Matchmaking promises unrealistic high success rates very fast. This alone already should let you think of how serious this agency could be. However, the agency even contradicts itself when we look as what the agency tells to their business partners.

On her German-reading page on her matchmaking program, Kate, the owner and founder of Best-Matchmaking, says:

"Melden Sie sich für meine KOSTENLOSE Beratung an, um passgenaue Empfehlungen zu erhalten, wie Sie eine perfekte Partie für Sie in dem kommenden Monat finden!"
Translated to English, this means:
"Register for my FREE consultation to get a perfectly suitable advice how to find a perfect match in the next month!"

This is very fast!

And Best-Matchmaking indicates 100% success. For example in a recent email sent out to German speaking clients. The subject line translates "How to find a legit marriage agency and get the desired result by 100%?":

Screenshot of Best-Matchmaking's email: How to find a legit marriage agency and get the desired result by 100%?
Email from Best-Matchmaking. Click for the full size screenshot.

On one of their German-reading pages, Best-Matchmaking claims, every second meeting leads to marriage:

Screenshot of Best-Matchmaking's website: Jedes zweite Treffen eines Mannes und unserer Frau endet mit einer Hochzeit (English: Every second meeting of a man and our woman ends in marriage)
Screenshot from one of Best-Matchmaking's German-reading web pages. The text on the third picture (from left) translates to English: Every second meeting of a man and our woman ends in marriage Click for the full size screenshot.

On Best-Matchmaking's YouTube channel Ukraine brides it reads:

"Every month men from different countries come to Ukraine or Belarus to meet our girls and in 95% out of 100% of cases there is a perfect match."

This sound even more fantastic.

On the other hand, Best-Matchmaking's Romantic Tours (they even call them "marriage tours") all include "Meetings with ladies (minimum 5 ladies to meet with)":

Romance Tour page at Best-Matchmaking's website: (...) Any of the marriage tours to Ukraine, Belarus or Russia regardless of price, include: Meetings with ladies (minimum 5 ladies to meet with)
Best-Matchmaking promotes all their Romance Tours including a "minimum [of] 5 ladies to meet with". Click for the full size screenshot.

Wait a minute. Do the maths. Every second of 5 meetings leads to marriage. This equals 2.5 marriages per tour. Such marriages cannot be a "perfect match". The divorce rate is too high. Something is wrong. Seriously.

On a YouTube video with Olga Rezinkova Kate, the owner and founder of Best-Matchmaking explains, that her clients cannot get disappointed. Kate says that Best-Matchmaking would continue to help clients free of charge until they are satisfied if they for some reason had no success the first time.

On the Dating Affiliate Program page, however, Best-Matchmaking promotes their Pay Per Sale program with these words: "Based on our experience, more than 80% of our customers make at least 10 orders at our dating site and you can earn income from the customer often for months and years into the future."

How can this fit together with the fast success Best-Matchmaking promises to clients? It is not possible. End why do clients pay again and again even though Kate says, Best-Matchmaking would help them free of charge, if they do not succeed from the beginning? It is just not trustworthy what Best-Matchmaking says.

No Russian-reading website

When you try to register, Best-Matchmaking let you choose between FOR MEN and FOR GIRLS. This way, Best-Matchmaking pretends, both sexes would register through this website. However there is no Russian language on Obviously many women on the website does not know English. They cannot register on the website. There is no website for them.

That means, the Russian-speaking women also have no dating platform. Why is there no Russian language at Because Best-Matchmaking does not want the women to communicate through their online dating platform directly. Best-Matchmaking probably also does not want to let the women know, how much the men pay for their services, what are the policies, conditions and so on. This way, Best-Matchmaking could even tell women they are just entertaining some tourists, for example. And the women may not even see their own profiles on the website.

It is also remarkable that the female profiles are accessible publicly, but the male profiles are hidden, even if you are logged in. It is a very unequal approach to each gender. Female clients might not even be aware of this.


Best-Matchmaking hides. I already wrote on my blog how Kate, the owner and founder of Best-Matchmaking alters her name and LinkedIn accounts. She also keeps the foundations of Best-Matchmaking unclear.

Before Kate named her business Best-Matchmaking, it was called KatesModels. Even though the former name is far more distinguishable among all the marriage and dating agents online, she changed it. In a business, where reputation is extremely valuable, this move can only mean that Kate tried to get away from a somehow not so good reputation. This thought is not my own idea. I read it on a review on Best-Matchmaking at the review site Sitejabber (

G E's review on Best-Matchmaking at Sitejabber: My review is rather simple - just ask yourself one simple question: is fishing in a market where everything is about a good, honest and trustworthy reputation - Ukraine Dating business is overall fake (unfortunately) and rumored figures say that more than 90% are working with same patterns and tactics. The agency was obviously formerly known as and had mixed but not devastating reviews, feedbacks. So why would you re-invent yourself if you have a clean reputation which is the main thing that counts? Just make sure you make the right decision for yourself! Update: if you come across a dating site review by a blogger which date is now actually before my review here, well - they are close friends - another indication for manipulation
Screenshot of G E's review on Best-Matchmaking at Sitejabber ( Click for the full size screenshot

It is also much harder to connect a reputation to general name like Best-Matchmaking, than to a more specific one like KatesModels. I am sure, Kate did know this, when she changed her business' name.

However, Kate not only plays with names, she also obscures Best-Matchmaking's location. One time, it is based in the Ukraine, another time in the USA or Malta.

For Example, Best-Matchmaking's YouTube profile states: Location: United States.

Best-Matchmakings's channel on YouTube says: Location: United States
Best-Matchmaking's YouTube channel says: Location: United States. Click for the full size screenshot

There are also two phone numbers on the YouTube channel's About page. And the first one is in the Ukraine. Interesting. This number is hard to find on the website itself. It is somewhere on the FAQ page. But it is the only Ukrainian phone number I could find on

I'm afraid of an Internet scam! Is your Agency for real? YES, Best-Matchmaking (former KatesModels) is a real matrimonial and matchmakung agency based in Ukraine. Our agency has been created more than 12years ago and our NEW ( web site was found in 2017. And our general manager is based in Ukraine and can be reached any time you need via telephones: Ukraine: +380989899919, USA:+1 (775) 410 1005, or skype: best-matchmaking. Our company’s License number is 836852. We have offices in Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Kherson cities. Additionally, there are official partners in South Korea, Japan, China and USA. And we also are partnered with many agencies located across Ukraine to introduce you to genuine marriage-oriented women of Ukraine. To learn more about our agency please visit the page About Us.
FAQ with contact information to prove the authenticity of Best-Matchmaking Click for the full size screenshot

Unfortunately, this number in the Ukraine is not related to Best-Matchmaking but a private landline of a family not related to Best-Matchmaking. I found this out, when I tried to contact Best-Matchmaking while I was in the Ukraine to meet a woman of Best-Matchmaking, who did not showed up because of Best-Matchmaking's interference. If you want to try this number by yourself, please also consider the family on the other end of this line. They are not responsible for this issue. To know their language might be very helpful for you and for them.

This FAQ section also tells us:

"YES, Best-Matchmaking (former KatesModels) is a real matrimonial and matchmakung agency based in Ukraine. (...) And our general manager is based in Ukraine and can be reached any time you need..."

Further on it says they have offices in 3 Ukrainian cities (Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Kherson). Concerning the USA, Best-Matchmaking here just talks about "official partners".

On Best-Matchmaking's About us page we find Kate alias "Katrina El" who calls herself Maltese and American. Just a name with surprising nationalities. Malta as well as the USA are English speaking countries. Therefore she cannot be a native of these countries. Just look at her English. It comprises the typical mistakes of Slavic native speakers. You can find more explanations on this issue on my blog post on Best-Matchmaking's fabricated reviews at Trustpilot (look for Update January 30th 2021). No contact information, no address, no office hours.

The next person on the About us page is Helena from Germany. This is actually ridiculous. She is new on this page. When I went to the Ukraine in November 2020, she was not yet associated with Best-Matchmaking. You can find the former About us page on the internet archive WaybackMachine. Helena is an interpreter and translator for German-Russian who I brought in contact with Kate when I tried to settle the interference Best-Matchmaking caused to my date with a woman from Best-Matchmaking's online dating platform. I have posted the entire story on my blog. How could she be called a "matchmaker and dating couch"? Kate just asked Helena to help her out with communication issues (which is Helena's profession) with German-speaking (potential) clients and put Helena on her website with her German phone number prominently on the header of the website. This is not serious at all. Helena's two phone numbers and also her city Stuttgart (near my home Korb in Germany) are given on the website though. You can easily find her on the internet. You can also call Helena and ask her. She speaks English as well. Don't forget to put +49 as the international access code instead of the leading 0.

The third person on the About us page is Zlata Moroz. Here she is called Best-Matchmaking's "Representative in the Ukraine". As you get involved with Best-Matchmaking, you will soon get to know Zlata. "Representative" does not describe her role at Best-Matchmaking. She is the second one, behind Kate, in this agency. The FAQ page mentions "our general manager is based in Ukraine". This describes Zlata's role quite well. Her Skype name and email address also indicate this role. For Zlata being a "Representative in the Ukraine" only, it would also be odd to put her office hours in CET while the Ukraine is one hour ahead. The CET indicates, that she is actually the one to serve customers from outside the Ukraine. For some reason, there is also no office address. And there is not even mentioned where she is based in the Ukraine. It is very typical for Best-Matchmaking to scatter around this kind of half-truths. Read carefully and you will find a lot of it.

Number four is Carol Page from the UK. As with Helena from Germany, Carol comes from somewhere not even mentioned as "official partners" on the FAQ page mentioned above.

Finally there is Ira Velikaya German and English interpreter in Best-Matchmaking's "Zaporozhye manager". While she has no picture on the website, I did not even met her when I came to Zaporozhye to visit a woman from Best-Matchmaking. I asked Kate to find their office in Zaporozhye. Kate did not tell me. Instead and despite I am from Germany, Best-Matchmaking sent me an interpreter with obviously limited English language skills. Ask Best-Matchmaking for the address of their Zaporzhye office. I would be surprised if you received it, and would appreciate your update on the matter.

At the end of the About us page, it reads:

" American matchmaking company..."

On this page Best-Matchmaking is American. There is not even an American phone number on this page though (Kate's WhatApp number is Maltese), not to talk about an American office or address. It is very obscure.

Let's look at Best-Matchmaking's Dating Affiliate Program page

"Best-Matchmaking is a leading Slavic international matchmaking agency based in Ukraine and Malta. (...)"

Malta is a country on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is part of the European Union and the Eurozone. In Germany, it is also known as a place for tax dodgers and other people who want to escape from other country's legal systems.

On the Contact page Kate has changed her surname to Elbahey and there are finally two addresses. One in Kherson, Ukraine, and one on Malta. Again no office hours or any office phone number on Malta. You can search for these addresses in the internet. At least the Maltese address more looks like an apartment then an office. It looks like an letterbox company address. The Kehrson address comes with office hours. Here we have no phone number at all. Google maps does not find this address "Str Chernomorskaya 165, Kherson city". Now Helena is even listed as the second name under "Executive:". I already mentioned before, how weird this is. As an executive, I would expect her full name, at least. Besides this, her phone numbers miss the international access code for Germany, +49. Why? Finally Zlata is listed as "Customer service", at least one bit of true information.

The fundamental information given about Best-Matchmaking are confusing, vague and contradictory. It looks like, they don't want you to find them, in case you have a serious issue...

And Best-Matchmaking's vagueness does not end with information about themselves. Best-Matchmaking is actually even more vague and unclear about their partners. This is an important part on the confusion game though. What ever happens, there could be a local partner agency to blame for. And as they are all hold confidential. We never know whether they are the same ones when something else happens...

Mail Order Bride agency?

Best-Matchmaking tries to present itself as something different from a Mail Order Bride agency. The About page of Best-Matchmaking's YouTube channel Ukraine brides reads:

"(...) We are not a Mail Order Bride agency."

On the other hand, Best-Matchmaking promote their women as just this: mail order brides. For example at this blog post The Ultimate Guide to Finding Russian Mail Order Brides. Under the cross heading Russian mail order brides on Best-Matchmaking it reads:

"We hope the tips we gave you will help you choose the right dating service and meet your Russian mail order bride the soonest. And we, in turn, are here to help and assist you in your search. Best-Matchmaking is not only a dating site but also a matchmaking service offering a wide range of services (e.g. Romantic tours to Ukraine, Gifts delivery, or Profile verification).
If you are interested in what kind of eligible brides do we have in our database, welcome to our gallery! You can browse the profiles of ladies and see they are all real people, with different life history and of different age.
And if you still have doubts concerning their identity, you can use our video chat option with a foreign bride to check that she really exists. How our video chat is different from that on other dating services?
Everything is easy, you communicate in Skype face-to-face. Our interpreters are here to help if your mail order bride doesn’t speak English. This way, you can easily make sure the lady behind the profile pictures is real and is seriously looking for her life partner."

Another example is Kate's blog post The Ultimate Guide to Ukrainian Mail Order Brides. Under the cross heading What are Ukraine mail order brides services? she writes:

Mail-order brides are women who are willing to find a foreign life-partner (check our article
5 Actionable Tips For Meeting a Foreign Bride for Marriage). Usually, they search for their perfect matches from more developed countries. And both these ladies and western men have a great chance to meet each other. So, if you are searching for your ideal partner, consider finding a lady on"

On the Russian brides page it reads under the cross heading How to meet beautiful Russian ladies online?:

"(...) If your goal is to meet a real family-oriented woman for serious relationships, it would be better to choose a Russian mail order bride service. We from Best-Matchmaking offer a database of Russian mail order brides to choose from. When you choose a paid membership in our Russian brides agency, you can be sure to meet only honest women having serious intentions. That’s because each of the women on our site goes through a complicated verification procedure and any case of scam is excluded. We bear full responsibility for our clients.

Here it is also remarkable, that all women are supposed to undergo a "complicated verification procedure" to exclude scammers. Despite the fact, that this "complicated verification procedure" cannot even detect smokers and obviously manipulated photos on the profiles, why does men does not undergo such a "complicated verification procedure"? You can try it out yourself. The only verification procedure men undergo is sending a photo of an ID to Best-Matchmaking. And this procedure reportedly not even detects the most simplest fakes. When I was in the Ukraine, Best-Matchmaking told me, it would be too dangerous for the women to meet me, the man. Interesting!

Best-Matchmaking tries to get everybody into their honey trap. The ones who look for a "mail order bride", and the ones who look for something "more serious". Best-Matchmaking does not want to be a "Mail Order Bride agency". But it wants to offer mail order brides. At the end, Best-Matchmaking cannot be taken serious at all.

For Best-Matchmaking, all their women are mail order brides. Otherwise this term could not sneak into the headline at the form on their Search page:

Screenshot from Best-Matchmaking's Search page. The headline reads Mail Order Bride Search
The headline on Best-Matchmaking's Search page reads: Mail Order Bride Search Click for the full size screenshot

Also at the blog post Beautiful Women Videos: How to Find a Foreign Wife Via YouTube the first two paragraphs under the first cross heading (How can beautiful women videos help you to find your foreign wife?) reads:

"Pictures help you to understand how a mail order bride looks like, whether she is attractive or not. A profile photo is a great mean to see general features and body completion of any lady. However, most women are still different from the way you see them on the photo.
Why? Do not worry, all the mail order brides' photos on our site are genuine and belong to real girls. No one is trying to cheat by posting a picture of a younger sister here.

Joking about more beautiful sisters does not help. I have denied the genuineness of women's photos already. What you can see yourself is that a huge portion of the photos on Best-Matchmaking's female profiles are professionally shot in studio-like conditions, just like photos in a mail order catalogue. In fact, "mail order brides' photos" is linked to Best-Matchmakings Gallery page. Kate refers to all her female clients as "mail order brides"

"Mail order bride" is just a term. Best-Matchmaking does not explain or define this term to you. They also do not tell you, why they consider it good or bad. They talk around this term for the ones who are looking for mail order brides will find and come to them. Because the term's reputation is controversial though, Best-Matchmaking also denies it.

It is similar to the "Pay Per Letter" flaw. There Best-Matchmaking also does not give an explanation why this would be bad and why Best-Matchmaking provides something better to you.

No answer to critical questions

Best-Matchmaking does not answer to critical questions. Try it out yourself. Ask Best-Matchmaking about any of the issues I have mentioned here or other problematic issue. Best-Matchmaking's response would be an excuse or a blaming of others if you get an answer at all.

Best-Matchmaking does not want you to know too much. If you appear too smart, they will not tell you.