I have created a chatroom on Viber. Join my private Best-Matchmaking Viber Community chatroom for former, actual and potential clients of Best-Matchmaking to exchange experiences. Viber is very popular in the Ukraine. Therefore, you might want to install the app anyway to communicate with your date, the agency and your interpreter.

Very likely Kate is also following this chatroom. Be careful to post information you do not want to share with Best-Matchmaking. You can use a pseudonym if you do not want Best-Matchmaking to know you being in this chatroom. You can also send private messages (PM) to members of this chatroom.

The Best-Matchmaking Community chatroom is not visible on Viber. It can only be found by this Best-Matchmaking Community link or upon invitation.

Different to usual chatting groups, new members in this Best-Matchmaking Community can read previous postings which had been posted before the new member signed into the Best-Matchmaking Community.


In this chatroom (Best-Matchmaking Community)

  1. Your phone number is hidden from all members of the Community. No other member (including me as the admin) can see your phone number, unless the other member happens to be your contact on Viber already.
  2. When you write in the Community chat, your Viber user name and image are the only details about you that will appear.
  3. Hidden-number chats allow you to message other members of the Community without revealing your phone number.
  4. You can use a pseudonym in this chatroom.
  5. You can send private messages (PM) to members of this chatroom.